Friday, August 21, 2009

Oneword: Destination

Going through the submissions on, I came across this:

"we find someone to walk with and suddenly it doesn't really matter anymore where we're going" - Kuri

I don't care if it's somewhat regurgitated. I still find it very fulfilling.

My (really bad... but isn't that the point? :D) submission:

Movement. The future is approaching swiftly, and all I have is a book bag and a pencil. The fear takes me, but I know I'm strong enough to continue boldly onward. Unless I freeze. Freezing... the ultimate letdown to my family and peers. Unmoving in a sea of struggle, and I slowly sink to the bottom. No, swim. I have to reach the surface again. Only then can I see the faces of my loved ones, shining brightly as I breath the fresh air.

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