Monday, November 30, 2009


100 Word Challenge Entry: Kaleidoscope.


Hundreds of thousands of colors and shapes and shades, swirling endlessly around a single point. As children, we dance with them, turning and turning, falling into one another. Making art as we mesh.

As adulthood nears and passes, we become nostalgic for the dance. For just a moment, before the nauseating swirl drives us away, we watch the colors sway, enjoying the vision. We never dare to step inside, afraid of the mindless, supersaturated tumbleweed. Afraid we’ll be swallowed. Afraid we’ll disappear into the colors and never find ourselves again.

We forget that, as children, that’s exactly what we wanted.


  1. Very nice thoughts in this short piece. Love this: "mindless, supersaturated tumbleweed." Like how it sounds and how it looks in my head. Nice!

  2. Thanks so much! :D I prefer your "show, don't tell" approach to the prompt and really appreciate your kind words~

  3. What a wonderful image of children turning and turning together, falling into one another! Well done.

  4. It's good to take us back to our "beginner" mind. Thanks.

  5. Great write! I really loved the last line.It really brought the point home. So many of us do lose that innocence and most of the ones who keep it are considered crazy or eccentric or weird.

  6. Thank you, Poeticlinesense! (I love your name, btw.) I worry sometimes about people losing touch with their childhoods. Far too many people get bitter and pessimistic.