Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bright Future of Humanity

Darwin's theories of evolution were crap. Raphael had read enough history books over the long history of human evolution to know that humans were the same as they'd always been.

Sure, cities now covered almost every square inch of the globe at no risk to the surviving ecological populations. Sure, scientists could now control birth, death, and life span to 1/100th of a second. Sure, some homo sapiens had developed interesting genetic abilities, which the dawn of humanity could only attribute to gods like Zeus or Thor.

Still, humans were the same. Petty, self-serving vermin. Multimillionaire Jason Wellings was celebrating his two-hundredth birthday, much to the chagrin of his hundred-year-old daughter, who'd been itching for his money ever since she was old enough to get breast implants at thirteen. Funded by Jason Wellings was celebrity singer Damien Spokes, who was doing a world tour tomorrow. Egyptian fans were frustrated that their new Grand Matrice theater, built over the ruins where the pyramids used to stand, wasn't on the list of his stops. Thanks to Kola Cola, he wouldn't even feel the effects of his 24-hour trip until the day after, when he would crash. The paparazzi would hack the building and post images of his crash on every alley wall in every big city in the world. Nobody would care. All felt the effects of Kola Cola after a binge. All felt it was a necessity.

Raphael used to drink it when he was a child, teenager, and young adult. Until every time he sipped it, the paint coating the walls would rearrange itself into strange shapes, or the letters of the book he was reading would slip into unintelligible blotches. He quickly associated this change in his surroundings with a mental high of his own, and, after repainting his apartment for the 10th time, quickly learned to stay calm.

Nowadays, there was no need to repaint walls. The walls here were bleak. Barren. Cracking under the strain of containing so many tormented souls. Not that his soul was tormented, just wise. He knew the problems with humanity, and knew how to fix it. That was his crime. That was why he'd been placed here, behind these barren walls that kept his gift contained. But he wasn't alone. There were others here, some far more powerful than himself. And someday, someday, they would escape.


The beginnings of a roleplay I may or may not do anything with. I haven't decided~ I just really like the idea.


  1. It sounds like a great roleplay. o__o Definitely.

    I am constantly in awe of your writing ability. XD; It's so intelligent, and always find random lines that I think stand out.
    Like, "Not that his soul was tormented, just wise." for example.

    ...yep. 8D;
    *ends comment abruptly*