Monday, September 21, 2009

I am King

Working on more poems for my creative writing class.
Decided to focus on my dog, Piper~ She's five months old.


The sun snatches at her pelt
Through plastic leaves.
Her claws toss the
fabric soil,
Skin sliding across bone and sinew
With savage power.

She pauses,
Vice grip focused on a stray bra
She found beneath the bed.
Twin black pools blink twice,
Reflecting fish-eyed faces.
I want to say,
"Well done. Carry on."
Seep back into the leather thicket
And save myself her shattered heart.

But I am King of this foreign plane.
Her beautiful savagery must learn to bow,
Kiss my hand,
And be grateful for only half a soul.


  1. LUL, bra.

    The way you use words...
    So vivid, precise and informative.

    Daaanng shaku, you really are amazing. Dx

  2. Lolol~ My teacher liked it, too XD

    I has holes in my bra ;A; *crais*